Hatha Yoga in a variety of Styles

Whether you like it ‘Hot’, strong or meditative, find the right class for you.

26&2 (Bikram)

A series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. A dialogue led class, usually held in a hot room of 40c. Shorter, 60 minute classes available as well as the usual 90 minutes.

Hatha Flow

A meditative sequence designed to revitalise the mind and body. Improve flexibility, build strength and bring peace to a busy mind. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga for Climbers

A strong series to facilitate a sturdy core, supple hips and balanced shoulder girdle. Ideal for climbers, hoping to gain flexibility and improve performance.

30 Minute Hip Stretch

A 30 minute hippy stretch. Added to the timetable especially for those who have been working from home! Releasing built up tension stored in the hips. A short, hip opening flow with some longer holds on the floor to really dig deep and release.

Yoga for Climbers – I liked the way various strength exercises were continuously interchanged with more relaxing yoga poses which resulted in a lower perceived difficulty since the yoga poses offered a chance to regain control over the breath and calmness of the mind. Definitively recommended for climbers wanting to build up their core sturdiness while improving their flexibility at the same time.

Yoga Blurbs – Yoga for sport

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