Private Classes

Have you ever felt like you wanted to ask more questions during class? Could you do with direct guidance for a particular posture or two? Would you like to put together your own personal sequence? Private classes might be the way to go.

A private yoga class allows you to explore your own yoga practice in more depth. Taking the time to stop, ask questions and make adjustments. Each session can be tailored for your own unique needs and goals.

Who needs private yoga classes?

Anyone can choose to have a private class. Maybe you are new to yoga and would like to build a bit of confidence with private instruction. Perhaps you are an experienced 26&2 yogi and you would like coaching with particular postures. Maybe you want to build your own flow to practice when you wake up in the morning. Maybe you’d like a mini sequence put together to help you stretch out certain areas of the body – after you have been for a run or sat down at a desk all day for example.

What you can expect from a private yoga session

  • ​Lets chat – Tell us what you would like to achieve from these sessions. Do you have any goals? What has brought you here?
  • History – There will be a short form to understand a bit more about you. Your current physical activities, what does your day to day looks like, your mood general and any injuries/surgeries.
  • Alex will build a one to one class, tailored for your needs. This session can take place in person or virtually, over Zoom.
  • Optional teacher notes – If you are working on certain postures, particularly in the 26&2 series, there can be a lot of information to take in. Sometimes its useful to have a summary of what was worked on, how changes were made and how that had an impact on your practise.

Private one-to-one yoga sessions with Alex can take place in the comfort of your own home via Zoom/video call or at an available space in Bristol, United Kingdom. 


A virtual one-to-one session via Zoom costs £25 per hour. There are a couple of package options: £70 for 3 (save £5) and £140 for 6 (save £10). An in person session costs £35 per hour although this may vary depending on the space used to teach the session.   

To book a private one-to-one yoga session, email Alex at

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